Welcome to piano lessons!  Music is such a great part of everyone’s life, and I’m so glad that we can work together and give you or your child the opportunity to bring it to life and make it personal!


I hope that I can answer a lot of your questions here:




I use the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Series for my development books:


Beginner:        Pre-Reader Series for Preschool ages

                       Primer and Level 1 for Elementary school ages

                       Level 1 for the Older Beginner for Middle school ages

                       Adult Level 1 for High school or Adult ages


Advanced Beginner:    Level 2A and 2B for Elementary or Middle school

                                   Level 2 for the Older Beginner (if that is the series you started)

                                   Adult Level 1 (2nd half) for High school or Adults


Intermediate:              Level 3A and 3B for Elementary and Middle school

                                   Adult Level 2 for High school and Adults


Advanced Intermediate:  Level 4 and 5 for everyone


When you graduate from this series at the end of Level 5, I teach from a program called Succeeding with the Masters from the FJH Music Company. 



The materials listed above are development books.  I feel that it is very important to supplement with all kinds of music that interests the students.  I use a lot of popular music from a very large music library that I have acquired over the years so they can play songs they know.  Please be prepared to provide a binder with sheet protectors so we can develop a book with these “fun songs”.




A weekly piano lesson will not create a pianist if it is not combined with regular practice at home.  The hardest part is just getting to the piano.  Once you’re there, the rest is easy!  Missing a day or two isn’t a problem but you want to have some consistency. 


Beginners:                   Play through your songs 2-3 times per day


Advanced Beginners:  Play through your songs 2-3 times per day


Intermediate:              Play through your songs 2-3 times per day allowing extra time for spot practicing in difficult sections.


Advanced Intermediate: We will talk about specific practice techniques at your lesson.  Please allow ½ hour practice time per song.


Advanced Students:                 We will talk about specific practice techniques at your lesson.

                                               We will talk about time expectations depending on your situation.


Please remember that practice is the fun time for you to sit and play at home! 




The cost for lessons are:

30 minutes / $30

45 minutes / $40

60 minutes / $50

Music is not included     





If you have a piano at home, please make sure to keep it in tune.  Please contact me if you need to find a piano tuner.


If you have a keyboard or digital piano at home, it should have 88 weighted keys and a sustain pedal.  If you are starting on a smaller keyboard in the beginning that’s ok but plan on upgrading as soon as we reach the advanced beginner level.






Please arrive on time so I can use your full lesson time!


Hopefully I have answered most of your questions here.  If not please feel free to ask!